Cloud Trail

$100.00 - $135.00 Sold Out

A free floating slider, you can install 6*3mm magnets in it. The curved surface provides proper angels for playing and pushing the body. As for the magnet position, you can do 3*2, 4*2, 5*2.

The default screws are black plated ti, with no magnetism that may influence the magnets.

All inner plates are zirc polished by default, the size and depth of those dented circles is also optimized for smooth feels.

The size is 47*30*14mm, and with zirc inner plates and 12 magnets installed, ti is 62g, while zirc is 76g.

- 20 n35 magnets (12 of them installed in the slider), and 20 n52 magnets, just for you to adjust the magnet strength
- One screw driver
- Some sponge gasket, stick them to magnets and the slider will be quiet when playing

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